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CSM 05-08-2011 18:50

Paradox Interactive thread
We hebben een Paradox Interactive thread nodig.

Dit is em.

Ik zal maar een post van het Something Awful Forums pikken omdat ik lui ben:


Paradox Interactive is a Swedish video game developer best known for their grand strategy/world simulation games that take place in nearly every point in civilized history, and playable as nearly every single country. All of their games play somewhat similarly to each other, so in this thread we discuss all of the games developed by them. They also publish a host of other games that span from action to strategy, but those fall outside this thread's scope. Their games are as follows:

Europa Universalis: Rome
Possible expansions: Vae Victis

Rome is the black sheep of the Paradox family. It was highly anticipated, but arrived to a lukewarm reception. The game world was small, the game was too repetetive, there were too few nations that really affected anything, and there seemed to be dozens of little things wrong that just served to annoy the player. It managed to serve as little more than a fun distraction at best. Rome is mostly an ahistorical game, there are no guiding historical events at all and the game just kind of lets whatever happens happen. Rome wins

Vae Victis sought to fix these problems, and in some areas, it succeeds. It removed a lot of the repetiveness by adding a senate to manage as a republic, and a court to manage as a monarch. It added missions and decisions to the game to give the player more of a sense of purpose. And the interface went through a much-needed overhaul. But was it enough to save the game and make it worth purchasing? That's debatable. For me, most of these changes just served to dress up the game to make it seem more appealing without actually changing the core gameplay to truly make it any better. You might feel less ripped off, but the overall experience still feels lackluster.

Crusader Kings
Possible expansions: Deus Vult

Starting in 1067, Crusader Kings takes you through the entirety of the Middle Ages. The gimmick? You don't control an entire country, but just a single man and the land he owns. You can be Count, Duke, or King/Emperor, but all the while the counts and dukes are working their own chunks of land. You have to manage vassals, impress your liege, worry about rival dukes starting a civil war, deal with your cheating wife, and stress out over your incompetent children. You can play as any land-owning christian character. The game is completely ahistorical, every event is random and the game will end up different every single time. If you're a warmonger, be aware that combat is greatly simplified from other Pdox titles. It is not a large focus of the game by any means, instead the focus is on politics and character relations.

The expansion Deus Vult adds friends and rivals, a handy ledger, huge changes to the game interface, overhauled child development and religious warfare, and needless to say, a huge number of bug fixes. This expansion is cheap and considered essential by most CK players as it's an almost universal improvement. Make sure you get the latest beta patch. (scroll down)

Europa Universalis III
Possible expansions: Napoleon's Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne Divine Wind

Europa Universalis III was Paradox's biggest development effort ever. It brought radical new elements to their series of strategy games such as a fully 3D game engine. The game takes place from 1452 to some time in the 1700s (I honestly forget the vanilla end date, sue me). Take your nation through the Renaissance, a time of culture and peace for some, or great upheaval for others. Explore and colonize the world as Europe expands its influence for the first time outside of its continent. EU3 was a big hit, although not everyone was happy with it. Paradox controversially removed all the historical events many people were used to, instead giving the player's a completely open sandbox. The early versions of the game were plagued by horrible bugs, rampant cheating AIs, and massive "blobbing" that saw only a handful of independent countries in Europe after just a few hundred years.

Napoleon's Ambition did little to fix these problems at first. Like Vae Victis, it was mostly a "dress up" expansion that sought to add bits of flair here and there to hide the weak spots with. With patching, however, the game did eventually improve by a considerable margin. Nations no longer cheated, Colonization now made a bit of sense, and you were given an option to automatically send merchants to CoTs again so your finger doesn't fall off mid-game. It also extended the game time to 1830 or thereabouts (who actually gets to this date on a regular basis?)

EU3 was Paradox's biggest game, and In Nomine was their biggest expansion. It is a massive improvement, revamping the colonization system, adding missions and decisions to give back a lot of historical flavor, a new rebellion system, a new tradegood system, improved religious system, hell just about everything has been revamped or improved in some way. The game was also expanded to start in 1399, and features everyone's favorite wannabe roman empire. This expansion is a must if you want to play and enjoy EU3. It requires Napoleon's Ambition, but to make things easier and significantly less expensive, Paradox released Europa Universalis III Complete, which features EU3 and both expansions for just $30. It's available at most major retailers.

Heir to the Throne is their unprecedented third expansion to EU3 which continues to add major features to the game. The new dynasty system gives a slightly more personal touch to the game, and ruling dynasties can branch out into other nations (think Hapsburgs). The new cassus belli system allows a huge variety of different CBs that give different conditions for war, and can alter the spoils you receive. Trade leagues now dominate european trade as they vie for the rights to trade across the continent. And there's more beyond this. It takes an already complete game and adds a large amount of flair to it.

Divine Wind is their even further unprecedented fourth expansion to EU3. Its focus was originally billed as "rest of the world", its actual focus lies in making Asia more interesting. Central Asian hordes have been overhauled, China now has a new faction system that a player must contend with, the various factions giving different bonuses and penalties, and Japan has a new Shogunate system, which is reminiscent of the HRE. In addition, there's now a new building system, with many new provincial buildings that have more meaningful effects, and cost magistrates to build. The game has now moved on to Victoria 2's graphical engine, making it much more visually appealing, and giving coasts and borders a more natural look.

For the Glory

This is a new game based off of Europa Universalis 2, and is the first commercial result of Paradox licensing out their old 2D Europa Engine to the community. It is made by the team who made AGCEEP and will essentially be a modernization of EU2 allowing you to run it at higher resolutions, includes a better interface, some of the better features of EU3 back-ported, and a usable political mapmode! This game differs from EU3 in that it has a very heavy emphasis on historical accuracy, and has a large amount of historical events to back this up.

Possible expansions: Revolutions

Arguably Paradox's most complex title, Victoria takes you from 1836 to 1936, from the Texas revolution to through the Great Depression. Manage a nation as the world is going through a great economic, political, and social upheaval on a scale larger than ever before. You have to placate an ever-pissed population, balance an extremely delicate social order, industrialize your nation and bring it into the 20th century, and adapt your country to a burgeoning world market. This is a semi-historical game, where events will often lead you to a historical outcome, with multiple ahistorical options always at your disposal. Population micromanagement can be a bit tedious, but for the most part it's avoidable.

Revolutions is considered an essential expansion by many, changing many aspects of the game, some quite radically. It features lots of streamlined options for management, large changes to the economic system, new interface elements such as alerts, and the timeline was expanded to 1936. But most importantly, they added in a series of techs and events to simulate the period of great political instability during the interwar period. Communists and Fascists are in and strike hard, with no country being safe from their wrath. It makes the late game far more interesting.

Victoria II

Victoria II is perhaps Paradox's best looking game. Using HoI3's larger map resolution, it keeps a similar province count to Victoria 1 but has much better looking coastlines and borders as a result. The map has a brand new style that gives it a painterly look up close in terrain view and a paper map look zoomed out in political view. Gameplay wise, many changes have been made. POPs are still in, but can reach sizes into the millions and the weird tiered efficiency scaling from V1 is out. POPs are really just abstract representations of your population and don't work in entire units anymore. The world market has been revamped to use a more realistic supply and demand model, where units sold actually have to be bought by someone. Politics have gotten more involved, now that Great Powers can hold "Spheres of Influence", which have varying abilities from country formation to economic benefits. On release, the game has some minor and some major issues, but is a largely playable and interesting experience. After a few patches it could be every bit as fun as Vicky Revolutions was.

Note, there is a DLC for a reskinned interface that somehow manages to have pretty major interface bugs. For some reason, Paradox is supplying the fix separately. If you bought Old Vic and want it to look right, go here:

Hearts of Iron II
Possible expansions: Doomsday(standalone), Armageddon

Easily Paradox's most popular title, Hearts of Iron II takes us through World War 2 in great detail. It features Paradox's most advanced combat engine, one hour turns, deep tech trees, and just lots of fun combat. Don't go into this expecting it to play like any other Pdox game, this is a war game through and through. Every single aspect of it, from the economy to diplomacy to research, all serve the single purpose to advance your war machine. And as a result of the detail they put into it, war has never been so much fun in a Pdox title.

However, this game has been made pretty much obsolete by...

Arsenal of Democracy

A result of Paradox licensing out their engines to community members, AoD is pretty much a straight improvement on HoI2 in almost every single way. Nothing here is radically different, the tech trees are mostly the same, there's only a couple new unit types, the map is the same, etc. But the amount of smaller improvements made on the game is akin to a very good expansion, with a much improved money model, more controllable production queues, a revamped Intelligence system, an improved and more balanced combat calculations, better control of your air force, more mission types, and just pretty much better everything. It's kind of like how Doomsday was a great stand-alone expansion to HoI2 but maybe even better. If you get any version of Hearts of Iron 2, make it this.

Hearts of Iron III
Possible expansion: Semper Fi For the Motherland

Hearts if Iron III is Paradox's biggest game ever. Its world map is massive, clocking in at over 10,000 provinces (5 times as many as HoI2). It's also far more complex than its predecessor. There's a more detailed tech tree that allows you to research individual components for your military units. A full featured supplies and logistics system that individually tracks the line of supplies for every unit in your army. A new diplomacy system that has major powers vying for influence over the world. And let's not forget a new detailed military system that involves a fleshed out chain of command system and several degrees of automation options.

HoI3 isn't without its current downsides, however. It's extraordinarily buggy and slow. There are major issues with playability. Depending on the level of AI control, either you have too much control and are overwhelmed or have little to do of significance. Semper Fi's main focus point is increasing playability and ease of use. You're be able to define your own theaters of war for the AI to operate them, you're given an in-game OOB editor to easily reorganize your armed forces, you can set separate stances for the AIs to take with regards to Naval, Air, and Land. The AI also got an overhaul.

For the Motherland introduces battle scenarios, better politics, interface improvements, and more. They improved peace deals so various nations can independently demand different concessions in the treaty. Apparently there's also now War Goals, an improved Partisan system, and strategic resources? Can you tell that I pretty much know nothing about this?

Upcoming Games:

Crusader Kings II
Estimated release is Q1 2012.

CK2 is going to be similar in design to Crusader Kings, in that you're playing as a specific character rather than an entire nation. The earliest start date will be 1066, starting immediately after of the Norman invasion of England began, with Norwegian, Norman, and English armies all on the field. Only christian kingdoms will be playable at first, but Paradox isn't ruling out a Muslim focused expansion. New to CK2 are going to be Baronies, each province will be seperated into baronies that you must manage, each with their own Baron, represented as a character. This will give counts something to do, and people to manage. Anti-popes can be created and supported by countries who oppose the Church.

Estimated release is Q3 2011

Sengoku will take place during Japan's Civil War during the late 1400's and 1500's. Basically, Nobunaga's Ambition done Paradox style. It will share similar features with Crusader Kings 2, such as the character system. It will have a highly detailed map of Japan with over 50 clans represented at the game's start date.
Magna Mundi is nog een release, door een third party ineengestoken, vergelijkbaar met Arsenal of Democracy en For The Glory maar dan voor Europa Universalis III. Alleen is Magna Mundi naar het schijnt nogal zot hard.

Daarnaast heeft Paradox Interactive nog shit zoals King Arthur, Penumbra en Majesty. Maar die lijken mij te lijden aan een zwaar tekort aan spreadsheats.

Paar mods:

One of the biggest appeals to Paradox's games is that they're all moddable. They've always went out of their way to externalize as much data as possible in plain text format for easy moddability. This may mean something as simple as a few new events, to something as crazy as a Fallout based total conversion (this mod will never see the light of day). Here are some of the more popular ones.


Reign of the Ancients - Our own Wiz's mod for Vae Victus, it is focused on increasing Rome's paltry province count and making the world more lively and interesting. Adds a ton of new tribal nations, new events, more tradegoods, and is overall a much better experience than vanilla Rome.

Crusader Kings

BOPACK - This is a relatively simple event pack mod. It features 150 events, many of them historically flavored.

Deus Vult Improvement Project - AKA DVIP for maximum coattails. More focused on changing scenario starting settings to be more historical, adds some events but not many. The addons add in more kingdoms and other misc things.

Europa Universalis III

Magna Mundi - EU3's most popular mod, it adds an immense amount of events to the game, some random, some historical. It's main focus is historical plausibility. Criticized by some for being too harsh with its random events. Fun2mmp is a goon-made mod by Riso to try to alleviate the said harshness and create a more fun, casual Magna Mundi experience.

Whole World Mod - Started out as just a map mod that added new provinces and rebalanced the world map, it's now its own mega-mod with a huge amount of new features. More balanced Tech Groups, more countries, more trade goods, an expanded time line, and more. It's like a far less event heavy version of MMP with large amounts of map improvements.

Hohenzollern Rising - Made by Wiz, and based on his excellent LP, play as the Hohenzollern dynasty as they vie for control of the Holy Roman Empire and fend off the nefarious French. Also playable as just about anyone else, of course. Great fun.

MiscMods - A hodgepodge of mods and additions, all made by goon BrainMeats, including new colonial revolts, alt-history scenarios, and lots more missions, decisions, events, religions, and other poo poo. It lacks a cohesive theme but it's all well developed and adds to the game without changing it into something unrecognizable.

Hand Drawn Map - Many people think normal EU3 looks ugly as hell. This mod is focusing on prettying up the map as much as possible, and it does a drat fine job of it.


Victoria Improvement Pack - AKA VIP, it's a huge undertaking to add back a large amount of historical flavor to Victoria. Some swear by this mod, some say that the events try to 'railroad' you too much.

Southern Revolutions - Originally a mod to add some fun into playing as the CSA and making the Civil War more balanced, it also now has a fully featured WWI event chain and has branched into other areas.

House Hohenzollern Rising- Wiz moved on from EU3 to Vicky and made the scenario from his excellent LP public for everyone to enjoy. It pretty much amounts to a total conversion where the Muslims are the dominant world powers, north and south america are mostly muslim, and Swabia seeks to unite the bickering german dukes and princes into a single great nation.

Hearts of Iron 2

DAIM - Determined AI Modification, it's a relatively simple mod that changes little about the game other than the opponent AI, improving it significantly. Great for people who don't like any of the other event-heavy mods for HoI2.

CORE - Event heavy WWII modification that also overhauls the game's tech trees and unit structure. It's nice for a change of pace if you've played normal HoI2 to death, but otherwise it isn't very well balanced and I found myself moving away from it after a single game.

The Stony Road - Like CORE, it's another WWII mod, this time adding even more historical events, making this an extremely event heavy mod. It doesn't change as many base gameplay systems as CORE, instead focusing on historical gameplay. Banned from the official forums for having swastikas

Kaiserreich - An alternate history scenario featuring the "what if" if Germany won WWI. It's come a long way and now features a plethora of events, but still suffers from what many hoi2 total conversions suffer from, a huge lull where nothing happens after 5-10 years of gameplay. The authors blew their load in the first 5 years, and after those events run out, the AI doesn't really know what to do anymore.

TRP - 'Total Realism Project' focuses on replicating historical combat. Battles are significantly prolonged, and armored spearheads and concentrated air power must be used if even simple invasions such as Poland are going to be successful. Nations utilize their forces in historically accurate and challenging ways, like the Soviets using defense in depth, and the Allies launching well reinforced D-Day landings. It features a completely overhauled AI designed by Lothos who is currently an AI Alpha tester for HoI3.

World in Flames - Similar to TRP, this mod seeks to recreate WWII as historically as possible. It has many of the same changes to the combat model, and similarly wily AI. Economic crimping also presents a new challenge to Germany players as Oil and Manpower are in shorter supply than any other mod or vanilla iteration.

Hohenzollern Rizing - It's for HoI2 as well! For Armageddon only, not AoD. I uh... I don't actually remember the story surrounding the HoI2 scenario. Read his excellent LP and find out! (wow, what a cop-out)

Arsenal of Democracy

CORE - Right now it's basically just a straight port of the HoI2 version into Arsenal of Democracy.

Kaiserreich - A compatibility patch procedure to adapt the HoI2 version to AoD. An effortless package is apparently going to be released once AoD 1.04 is officially out.

If you have any mods you want added here, just write up a short blurb about them and I'll edit them in.

Q: I'm new to the series, what game should I get?
A: Europa Universalis 3 is the easiest game in the series to get used to. Its interface is substantially better than the others and the slow paced nature pretty much ensures that you can't get steamrolled immediately. However, if the Renaissance and Age of Exploration does not interest you at all, do not get it! I recommend that people get the game that takes place in the era that interests you most. It will be a lot more fun and motivate you more to learn the game mechanics.

Q: What's with all these GamersGate links I'm seeing? Doesn't everyone use Steam?
A: Paradox used to own GamersGate. Although they no longer do, they still enjoy strong business relations. Their games will always be available at GamersGate the day of release, and the GG version will be the best supported. You unfortunately cannot say the same things of the Steam versions. Sometimes games are delayed and not immediately released on Steam, patches aren't released on Steam the day they're released elsewhere, and beta patches are a bit trickier to use. The Steam versions also sometimes have different checksums, which makes them incompatible with non-steam versions in Multiplayer. As much as I love Steam, GamersGate is the best place to get Paradox's games. Their games are DRM free and require no client to launch, which is a plus. All you need is a simple downloader to download the games.

Q: Help, I'm new and I have no idea what I'm doing!
A: First thing, read the manuals. While sometimes they can be misleading due to patches radically changing certain features, they're still in invaluable source of information and really help when you're leaning a new game. Secondly, hover the mouse over any UI element you don't fully understand. Paradox tooltips the hell out of their games and you can learn a lot just by reading them. Lastly, ask us any questions you have, we're hear to help.

Q: What country should I start as?
A: It depends on the game, but it's always nice to start as an isolated country with a lot of potential power. In Europa Universalis 3, Portugal is an excellent choice that is rather easy to make powerful through trade and colonization, Great Britain and Castille are other easy choices. In Crusader Kings I recommend an independent duchy like Apulia or perhaps Sweden for easy early expansion and relative isolation. For Victoria, Brazil or Argentina are popular choices. The US is also pretty easy, but it can be overwhelming. For Hearts of Iron 2, I just recommend going with Germany and using the full might of your army to dominate everyone around you. The game is trivial as them until Russia becomes an opponent, and by then you've learned a lot.

Q: Holy poo poo this game is buggy, gently caress this!
A: Paradox games can be very rough around the edges. Luckily, they are very good about supporting their games post-release. Check out the paradox forums and check the stickies in each one to get info about the latest patches.

Q: So many different versions and expansions! Which one should I get?
A: ALWAYS check the official forums to see if there's a beta patch for your game that you don't have. Rome, AoD, Deus Vult, EU3, and probably more I can't remember all have beta patches that aren't on steam or anywhere else. Register your games on the forum, and visit the tech support forums for them. As for which expansion to get, Paradox's expansions are usually pretty good and the latest rendition is almost always the best rendition. Most expansions require previous versions. In HoI2's case, you should just get AoD, as it's the best version of the game by far, and doesn't require previous versions.

CSM 05-08-2011 18:57

Patch 5.1 voor Europa Universalis III is twee weken geleden uitgekomen. Nog altijd niet uit op Steam maar ge kunt uw install directory kopiŽren en de patch er gewoon overzetten:



-11 new mapmodes to give more detailed information to the player.
- Improved AI, for even more challenging gameplay.
-New system to have armies automatically hunt down rebels. (LIES, die shit is een complete ramp.)
-Lots of new events added to the game, to create more immersion.
-Dozens upon dozens of gameplay tweaks to refine a great game even further.
Eindelijk achievements die terug werken!

Alex 05-08-2011 19:00

kheb UE3+exp eens gekregen vorige maand

keer aan beginnen ooit

Archangelus 05-08-2011 19:02


Originally Posted by CSM (Post 804052)
Daarnaast heeft Paradox Interactive nog shit zoals King Arthur, Penumbra en Majesty. Maar die lijken mij te lijden aan een zwaar tekort aan spreadsheats.

King Arthur is awesome!

Ik ken Paradox enkel als uitgever van Mount & Blade en King Arthur, maar het valt me wel op dat al die screens hierboven er bijna hetzelfde uit zien.
Precies of die maken al jaren hetzelfde game ;D

CSM 05-08-2011 19:32

Games zijn zo awesome dat ze ze blijven opnieuw maken.

Mijn laatste twee wereldrijken in EU3:

Engeland --> Frankrijk 1618:

Spanje 1511:

Ik probeer een world conquest te doen, maar dat is echt wel een bitch. :(

Sexy Schaap 10-08-2012 18:05
Vervolg op het beste spel ooit! Hyyyyyyype.

CSM 10-08-2012 20:33

Ik ben letterlijk aan het masturberen nu.

Divolinon 03-03-2013 03:44

Eindelijk deftige crusader kings 2 tutorial video gevonden. Gevolg: ik moet mijn eigen dwinge om nu te gaan slapen :(.

Sexy Schaap 04-03-2013 16:43

Magna mundi is onlangs geport naar Divine Wind en het is veel toegankelijker geworden. Heb me er alweer een paar honderd uur mee bezig gehouden, laatste spel Brandenburg->Pruisen, dan tijdens de oorlog van het verbond van schmalkalden het heilig roomse rijk laten ineenstorten en een Duitse revolutionaire republiek gesticht. (y)

Divolinon 10-04-2013 12:19

Europa Universalis 3 staat nu te koop op gamefly voor de heftige prijs van £ 0, of $ 0, of € 0.

Divolinon 11-04-2013 13:23

En op gamersgate staan alle Paradoxgames erop met een grote korting.

Holly Martins 17-04-2013 15:54

Shit, te laat, je moet er alweer voor betalen :(

(waarom in godsnaam heb ik daar mee gewacht)

DM 18-04-2013 10:55


jelliuz 18-04-2013 11:29

Awesome voor op ipad :^:

Rufus 18-04-2013 13:07

EU3 is voor mij een groot WTF spel.
Ik geraak maar niet vooruit.
Als ik direct begin te vechten staan ze ineens met grote legers aan mijn deur.
Als ik rustig wacht en eerst wil groeien dan verklaren ze op een gegeven moment zelf de oorlog en ben ik ook fucked:/
Iemand enige hints hoe best te starten?

Guns 18-04-2013 13:10

Met Frankrijk.

Sexy Schaap 18-04-2013 14:28
Goeie tutorials imo. De eu3 wiki kan ook helpen, staan voor de meeste landen strategieŽn op. En verder gewoon veel opzoeken en saven. Het duurde bij mij toch ook wel een week ofzo voor ik er daadwerkelijk plezier in had, maar ondertussen heb ik het al duizenden uren gespeeld. Sowieso gaat ge een aantal keer afgaan vooraleer ge wint.

CSM 18-04-2013 14:51


Originally Posted by Rufus (Post 1137203)
EU3 is voor mij een groot WTF spel.
Ik geraak maar niet vooruit.
Als ik direct begin te vechten staan ze ineens met grote legers aan mijn deur.
Als ik rustig wacht en eerst wil groeien dan verklaren ze op een gegeven moment zelf de oorlog en ben ik ook fucked:/
Iemand enige hints hoe best te starten?

Ge kunt de agressie en moeilijkheid aanpassen als ge een spel start.

En met welk land speelt ge? Want anders moet ge zelf maar een groot genoeg leger bouwen he vriend.

CSM 18-04-2013 14:57

Trouwens een tip voor EU3: niks moet en alles mag, speel rustig op uw gemak, laat de tijd voorbijgaan. Soms komt het u niet goed uit om oorlog te voeren, omdat de vijand te lastige allianties heeft, of omdat ge geen gepaste casus belli hebt.

Sexy Schaap 18-04-2013 15:25

En sowieso gaat ge de eerste paar keer afgaan. 't Zijn allemaal redelijk eenvoudige mechanics, maar in totaal wel redelijk veel en in het begin nogal overweldigend. Maar kiest ge bv Frankrijk, Bourgondie, Oostenrijk of Castille dan speelt het spel zichzelf bijna.

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