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Die mannen lachen kickstarters gewoon uit in hun gezicht. Wat een overpriced gedoe. Cash&grab.

De stretch goals vanop BGG:
- Dyed black cardboard pieces before printed! So a printing process is a stretch goal?

-2mm player mats! If the rest of cardboard was going to be 2mm I'm sure player mats were already planed to be 2mm.

-Foil edged boxes! Don't see the need of this, there are plenty of more appropriate material improvements you could give us (like perfectly laminated linen-finished cards).

-An insert! Seriously? Are you telling us that originally the game wasn't going to include it? The previously (very concerned) deluxe edition already included that.

-An introductory version to learn the game! C'mon! Post it here in the files section!

-Alternative art for some industry cards! So, at CA$ half million+ you couldn't include something more meaty? What will it be at 650.000? New art for ports? C'mon!

-Deluxe edition numbering! Yeah, this one must be very expensive to do. At 600 Grand! I can't believe this.

-Clay money... Well, for those who prefer them over metal coins (I'm not the case) guess it'd be worthy.
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