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In this history spotlight we want to highlight type W123 with the model 280 E. Type 280 was built between 1975 and 1986 and is the second strongest Mercedes Benz type in sales with almost 2.7 million units.

For model 280 E/CE/TE, AMG offered 3 stages of increased power output. Stage 1 was increasing the output approximately 10-15 hp. It took one day to change the parts such as camshafts. Stage 2 increased the output approximately 25-30 hp and took up to four days. A new cylinder head, exhaust manifold and combustion chambers are just some examples of the changes. Stage 3 was the final stage with an increase of up to 45hp. In addition to stage 2 changes, some other parameters, such as the compression, were lifted to the upper limits of Daimler-Benz. It took up to one week for all stage 3 changes and the costs were around 9500 DM in 1980. Other performance enhancing changes such as a changed suspension or Recaro sport seats were also available.
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