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Techno is dead cd van URAL 13 DIKTATORS

"Two years after their debut album Total Destruction Ural 13 Diktators open a door to their world with a mind blowing album Techno is Dead. After their series of 14 most highly successful releases from Diskossa EP (1998) to Disco Kings (2001) what less could you expect than 12 tracks on three 12" vinyl on beautifully designed double folded sleeve or on a digipacked CD, composed with the same and even more highly energizing feeling which you have noticed if you have had the chance to follow their releases from the very beginning. Techno is Dead is a crossover between the whole musical scene of the '80s through Hi-NRG Disco to Rock and Pop without falling to ride with cheap clichés or ripped samples. Ural13 Diktators haven't gone through their vinyl collection to find records to sample -- quite the opposite. All the tracks are completely written and produced by these two fins. This special futuristic Ural 13 Diktators sound is guaranteed to blast sound systems at clubs around the world with heavy club beats and strong steady bass-lines."

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