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Hey everyone,
Iím really happy to be able to catch up with you on the blog today and give you some good news.

My recovery has gone well, I think I was right to be patient and take it slowly, and to respect the time frames that I needed. Now, finally, I can tell you that I will be in Le Mans this weekend.

The truth is that Iím really keen to get back on my motorbike, as Iím sure you can guess.

Itís not just about that, though. Iím also excited to get back to my team to work side by side with them again. Theyíre a great bunch.

I wanted to thank you again for the countless messages of support that youíve all sent me. Theyíve made the wait much easier, I can tell you that from the heart. Youíve always been with me. As you always remind me, I know I donít walk alone!

Question of the week

Have you ever stopped to think, when a fan approaches you, that in reality you donít know him but he does know a lot about you and sees you as a close friend?
Question from pacojaen

Hi pacojaen,

The truth is that Iíve not really thought about it like that, or stopped to think on it in detail. But it does affect me in another way, a more emotional way, the feeling of it more than thinking about it. I mean that I feel the affection, the closeness, the way that you act with me. And thereís so many of you now that it actually almost seems normal to me now, when actually itís incredible. I feel that affection especially in the bad times, which shows that itís sincere. And that touches me a great deal.

Speak to you all next week,

There is much killing to be done.
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