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Originally Posted by DyNaRaX View Post
Navara is toch gewoon het type van de wagen die betrokken is bij het ongeval
sinds dat accident ontstond de "navara" tag
ik heb nog eens een lijstje van tags voor u opgezocht, wijsneus.

поциент – “Patient.” The poor bastard, the dumb idiot in the video getting pulverized, run over or smashed into. A wordplay of “potz,” the Russian translation of the Yiddish “schmuck.”

летчик – “Pilot.” The idiot who zooms by and crashes in the grand finale of a video.

слабоумие и отвага – “Courage and dementia.”

последние секунды жизни – “Last seconds of life.” Videos featuring persons before and after fatal accidents.

кетай как всегда пиздец – “China is always fucked.” Clips from China that feature severe crashes and frequently feature passerbys ignoring the bodies and car debris.

кирпичи – “Bricks” (as in “shitting bricks.”) The audio track often features the driver panting or shouting the entire Russian vocabulary of swears at the top of their lungs. Used for videos with near misses or close shaves.

железобетонное очко – “Anus of Concrete.” Honorific given to drivers who, faced with sudden danger like a huge truck coming head-on, remain calm, only saying “shoot” or “darn” quietly in the background, and efficiently steer away from danger, displaying some seriously fucking great driving skills.

наварра – The infamous video featuring a certain black Nissan Navarra pick-up swerving to the oncoming freightliner and being smashed into a cloud of small particles. The metaphor for a gruesome, intense, fatal accident.
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