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Waarop Ford alle hosts freezed. Hoe doet hij dat, overigens? Tis niet dat hij een afstandsbediening heeft.
So I could probably spend this entire conversation asking about the scene between Dr. Ford and Cullen, where he threatens her to stay out of his way. What would you like to share with us about making that scene?

Nolan: This episode was directed by Vincenzo Natali and we were also excited about this moment where you were reminded about the sheer power that Ford can command as the creator of this place. You can imagine Walt Disney having a lunch at Arielís Grotto in the middle of Disneyland and commanding all the roller coasters to stop all at once. Thereís an extraordinary power there. And with Anthony Hopkins, heís such a fascinating actor to watch, you donít quite ever know where you stand with this guy. In the pilot, Ford felt a bit like the Lion in Winter, that he might be stepping back. Here, weíre reminded that you underestimate this guy at your peril. He has his own designs of what he wants this place to be. Youíre also reminded he has an extremely controlling relationship with the hosts. Like the moment when he cuts a hostís face open and you realize why theyíre all stripped bare in cold storage, that itís a very practical measure on his part to make sure nobody makes Arnoldís mistake again, that treating these hosts as machines is vital to ensure that the techs who work with them donít mistake them for people. Youíre reminded that Ford is not a friend to the hosts. Heís a father figure and that can go a number of different ways.

Dr. Ford halts all the hosts with a wag of his finger, just like he did with the snake. But the snake could see him while all the hosts in the field working below could not. Is there any insight that you care to lend on how that works?

Nolan: He describes himself as a magician. His mechanisms of control are subtle. We thought a little bit of a conductor with an orchestra, where the entire orchestra at any moment is so hyper aware of what the conductor is doing that the tiniest gesture can ripple through the orchestra ó not just those who are actively watching, but it all becomes one large organism. Heís had 30-plus years to gain his level of control. Iíve worked with some great directors and seen the way they control a set is very subtle ó itís very quick, and itís total. Not to get too bogged down on the way the park is built, but thereís a network that allows data to carry through the hosts that allows for instantaneous small updates. For more significant updates they need to be brought down below.
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