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Thread: Blockchain hype routinely promotes things that literally don't exist yet as if it did. Here are SIX QUESTIONS FOR YOUR BLOCKCHAIN SALESMAN:

1. Are they confusing “might” and “is”? (Almost all claims are full of “might” and salespeople talking about “the possibilities.”)

2. Do they have present-day working blockchains that do every one of the things they’ve claimed you can get from blockchains? If not, which ones are missing?

3. Will the system scale to the size of your data? How?

4. How do you deal with human error in the “immutable” blockchain or smart contracts?

5. If this is for working with people you trust less than the people you deal with now, how are they assuring the security of the chain – what’s the security threat model?

5a. If it’s for working with people you can already trust to that degree, why are you bothering with a blockchain?

6. What does this get you that a centralised database can’t? How, precisely?
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