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Capricorn is an engine parts engineering company, makers of many high performance racing parts, connecting rods, pistons, liners, heads, OE supplier to Porsche and Aston Martin. But also they prepare and tune race cars, Porsches specifically. Capricorn has a test center at the Nürburgring and management is all into racing.

"As an enthusiastic motor sport fan, the Nürburgring has always been a passion of mine. We have identified the enormous potential of this unique race venue and would like to optimize the existing structures but above all turn the vision of an Automotive Technology Cluster into reality" Said Robertino Wild, managing partner for the Capricorn Group.

Capricorn Group has bases in Charlotte, North Carolina, Anzola dell'Emilia, near Modena and
Basingstoke in the UK, not far from Woking, all these are hotbeds of high tech race based auto engineering.

Hard to argue for a better buyer of the legendary track.
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