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Haha Marca (madrid biased) never fails to bring a laugh. The other day they didn't count a Messi goal against athletico, because they said it was an own goal. Its actually very debatable, but the ref gave it to Messi so that's the way it should count. Long story short, for Marca Messi has 22 league goals and 85 goals in the year. They are the ones who give the Pichichi trophy so probably they do it so Messi doesn't enlarge the gap with CR even more.
Problem is, when Messi would eventually break the record the whole world would go crazy about it but they couldn't sell anything related because for them he would be tied with Muller.
So what did they do? They revised Muller goals and decided to substract one from Muller's tally. No, I'm not kidding.

Dit lijkt mij ook heel sterk op codetaal naar een gedeelte van de bevolking, terwijl er voor de media nog het een en ander kan ontkend worden.
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