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There is something rather discordant, writes Turrini, in the way Hamilton has been publicly trying to diminish Rosberg's belated resurgence (and slamming his colleagues and rivals, from Schumacher to Vettel, Webber and Raikkonen).

Senna, who Hamilton, compares himself to often absolutely hated Prost as a human being, Turin says. At least until after '93 when "the Professor" retired, then they became great friends.

Despite the animosity, Senna never once spoke ill of Prost's driving talent. He considered him a great champion and said so every chance he got.

Nigel Mansell praised Piquet even though he wanted to punch him often.

Schumacher always praised Hakkinen.

Vettel has always spoke highly of Alonso.


Because they were smart enough to realize that if they went around saying their rivals were no good, what would be diminished is their own accomplishment in beating them.

Hamilton seems incapable of grasping this concept.

That's why, concludes Turrini, he's no Senna.

We could not agree more.
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