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The Tuner
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+504% sinds het begin van het jaar :')

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Daar ben ik vet mee, ik heb begin vˇrig jaar gekocht!
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Aan hoeveel/wat heb je gekocht?
Spijkerharde Bonza´-beats en kille blikken.

PEEPHOLE druuuuuuuuuuugs toxic epo wtfBBQ kmoekakn editen lijpoog pur pijpegale
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mijne req staat op 2 cent ipv 1 awww yeee

wel gekocht op ath van 64 cent maar toch aww yee waar is de maan
nee I U MA zot
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Originally Posted by Japisee View Post
mijne req staat op 2 cent ipv 1 awww yeee

wel gekocht op ath van 64 cent maar toch aww yee waar is de maan
het staat tegen 3 euro volgende week

nog ff vasthouden japjap
target van de schild&vriend knokploeg
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Kaat 4 lyfe
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Rofl @ heel dat Bitfinex/Tether verhaal. Dit had echt niemand zien aankomen.
Bitfinex was allowing people from New York to trade on its platform. This is not supposed to happen. Effective August 8, 2015, any virtual currency company that wants to do business in New York State needs to have a BitLicense. This led the OAG to launch an investigation into Bitfinex and Tether in 2018.

Banking has been an ongoing struggle for Bitfinex since April 2017, when it was cut off by correspondent bank Wells Fargo and its main banks in Taiwan. At different periods, Bitfinex has turned to Puerto Rico’s Noble Bank, Bahamas’ Deltec Bank, and more recently, HSBC, through a private account with Global Trading Solutions LLC.

Meanwhile, Bitfinex and Tether have had to rely on third-party payment processors to handle customer fiat deposits and withdrawals—a fact that the companies have never been completely up front about.

Since 2014, Bitfinex has sent $1 billion through Panama-based Crypto Capital Corp. Bitfinex also told the OAG that it had used a number of other third-party payment processors, including “various companies owned by Bitfinex/Tether executives,” as well as other “friends of Bitfinex” — meaning human-being friends of Bitfinex employees willing to use their bank accounts to transfer money to Bitfinex clients.

This is basically Bitfinex setting up shell companies and playing cat and mouse with the banks—and it sounds an awful lot like what Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX was doing before it went belly up in January. (Quadriga also used Crypto Capital, but the payment processor is not holding any Quadriga funds.)

By mid-2018 Bitfinex customers were complaining they were unable to withdraw fiat from the exchange. This is apparently because Crypto Capital, which held “all or almost all” of Bitfinex funds, failed to process customer withdrawal requests. Crypto Capital told Bitfinex that the reason the $851 million could not be returned was because the funds were seized by government authorities in Portugal, Poland and the U.S.

Bitfinex did not believe this explanation. “Based on statements made by counsel for Respondents to AG attorneys… Respondents do not believe Crypto Capital’s representations that the funds have been seized,” the court document states.

(This is not in the court docs, but this is the letter Crypto Capital shared with its customers in December 2018. Global Trade Solutions AG—not the same company as Global Trading Solutions LLC—is the parent company of Crypto Capital.)

In communication logs from April 2018 to early 2019 shared with the OAG, a senior Bitfinex executive “Merlin” repeatedly beseeched an individual at Crypto Capital, “Oz,” to return funds. Merlin writes: “Please understand, all this could be extremely dangerous for everybody, the entire crypto community. BTC could tank to below $1K if we don’t act quickly.” A Crypto Capital customer that asked not to be named told me that Merlin is Bitfinex CFO Giancarlo Devasini.

Rather then admit it was insolvent, Bitfinex/Tether tried to cover up the problem. According to the court docs, in November 2018, Tether transferred $625 million in an account at Deltec in the Bahamas to Bitfinex. In return, Bitfinex caused $625 million to be transferred from an account at Crypto Capital to Tether’s Crypto Capital account.

Essentially, Bitfinex tries to create the money by doing a one-for-one transfer of real money at Deltec for funds that don’t actually exist at Crypto Capital. Once they realized that this was probably a terrible idea, they re-papered the transfer as a loan.

Bitfinex then borrowed $900 million from its Tether bank accounts. The loan is secured with shares in iFinex stock. In case you didn’t quite follow that, Bitfinex and Tether are basically the same company, so you can think of this as Bitfinex borrowing money from itself—and then backing the loan with shares of itself.

According to the OAG, “The transaction documents were signed on behalf of Bitfinex and Tether by the same two individuals.”

OAG is fed up with the nonsense. It has obtained a court order against iFinex. Under the court order, Bitfinex and Tether are to cease making any claim to the dollar reserves held by Tether. iFinex is also required to turn over documents and information, as the OAG continues its probe.

The court has also ordered that iFinex identify all New York and US customers of Bitfinex whose funds were provided to Crypto Capital and the amount of any outstanding funds—and provide a weekly report evidencing any issuance or redemption of tethers.

In an affidavit released Tuesday, Stuart Hoegner, general counsel for Tether, revealed that only 74% of its stablecoins were backed by its cash reserves, claiming the company knowingly did not disclose this information to its customers.

Hoegner wrote that Tether currently has cash or cash equivalent of around $2.1 billion, representing around 74% of its current outstanding stablecoins. The remaining 26% is held by Bitfinex, the crypto exchange that was charged by the New York Attorney General’s office for draining $700 million from Tether to cover its alleged $850 million loss.

Hoegner wrote that Tether intentionally decided not to disclose to its customers that tethers are not 100% fiat backed. Although he said the practice was nothing new, in the affidavit, he drew on the example that traditional commercial banks operate under a similar “fractional reserve” system where only a small portion of customers’ deposits are backed by cash reserves.

However, as of Feb. 19, Tether’s company website still said that its stablecoins are 100% backed “by traditional currency held in our reserves. So 1 USD₮ is always equivalent to 1 USD.” Interestingly, around Feb. 27, Tether quietly added some language to this statement, an apparent attempt to obscure the definition of “100% backed”.

Most recently, Fowler was charged with bank fraud and operating an unlicensed money services business (MSB). These crimes relate to his alleged involvement in a “shadow bank” on behalf of cryptocurrency exchanges, in which hundreds of millions of dollars passed through accounts that he controlled in jurisdictions around the world.

Fowler operated Global Trading Solutions LLC in the US, which provided services for Global Trade Solutions AG, the Zug, Switzerland-based parent company of Crypto Capital Corp, a third-party payment processor. At one time or another, Crypto Capital serviced QuadrigaCX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Binance and BitMEX—some of the top crypto exchanges.

In October and November 2018, five US bank accounts were frozen—three of them were Fowler’s personal accounts and two were held under Global Trading Solutions. On April 11, Fowler was indicted in the Southern District of New York. And on April 30, he was arrested in Chandler, Arizona, where he lives.

Fowler is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison—the bank fraud counts alone carry a maximum sentence of 30 years.

The cryptocurrency scheme was not limited to the US. Fowler set up bank accounts around the world and coordinated the scheme with co-conspirators in Israel, Switzerland and Canada. The scheme involves a “staggering amount of money,” and the government believes that Fowler still has access to overseas bank accounts.

Even more revealing, via email search warrants, the government has obtained a document entitled “Master US Workbook,” which details the operations of the scheme. The workbook lists 60 bank accounts. It shows the scheme received over $740 million in 2018 alone. As of January 2019, the combined bank balance was $345 million. Approximately $50 million is held in US accounts. The rest is located overseas.

Apparently, Fowler had “shown a willingness to help himself to these funds in the past.” In mid-2018, he sent $60 million from scheme accounts to his personal bank accounts. Scheme members set up a “10% fund” from client deposits, available for his personal use. The government does not know the location of those accounts.

TLDR; 851 miljoen dollar van Bitfinex hun geld is gestolen/in beslaggenomen/verduisterd, en in plaats van zichzelf bankroet te verklaren, heeft men dan maar 700 miljoen van de Tether bankrekening overgeschreven, de 1:1 100% gebackte stablecoin, die maar voor 74% meer gedekt is nu. De feds weten alles, dus ze hangen. Andere shady exchanges als Kraken, Binance en BitMEX worden ook onderzocht.

Door het verbod voor Bitfinex om nog in de Tether reserves te zitten, komt het bankroet nu ook wel heel dichtbij. Iedereen is zijn Bitcoins van de exchange aan het halen in sneltempo, en afhalen in dollars is zo goed als onmogelijk.

Maar geen nood, Bitfinex heeft vlug vlug een extra token uitgebracht die op tien dagen 1 miljard dollar heeft opgebracht, net genoeg om alle verliezen te coveren! Oef! Alles in orde, funds are safu! Echt waar!

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