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basic shortcuts

tab: map on/off

c: character interface

i: equipment packs

m: mall props

s: social interface

o: system settings

u: task map

z: items displays

h: achievements interface

x: change weapons

shift: hold while clicking lmb to attack without moving around

skill shortcuts

q, w, e, r, t: using skills

d: detonate a mine

a: select corpses

item shortcuts

ctrl + ←: fast moving poe items

shift + ←: separate items

click → to select the props you need + shift: continuous use

ctrl + alt + ←: highlight items on the channel


press ctrl + ←: reduplicate map and select diversion


enter: local

shift + # or shift + enter: global

shift + % or ctrl + shift + enter: party

shift + @ or ctrl + enter: whisper

shift + $: trade

shift + &: guide

shift + ^: twitch

enter chat panel and input global x to switch chat frequency shunt.

enter trade panel and input trade x to switch trade frequency shunt.

instruction code

- ladder: display the top 10 players of the ladder.

- played: display how long you’ve been playing.

- age: display how long your role have been created.

- deaths: display the number of deaths.

- destroy: delate the items you’ve picked up. (permanent deletion cannot be restored)

- items level: display your items level. (very often used)

- bug: report an error and give you a record code.

- invite: invite players into a team

- friend: add players to friends

- ignore: add the player to blacklist

- unignore: remove the player from blacklist

- unignore list: remove all players from blacklist

- whois: query the status of the specified player.

- passives: display the talents you obtained from tasks.

- remaining: display the remaining monsters in the map.
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